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Christian County Coal Mine Museum Held Grand Re-Opening

The Christian County Coal Mine Museum held its grand re-opening by invitation only this past weekend. It’s open to the public starting today with free admission. It took a lot of hard work from Executive Director Chuck Martin, his family, and friends to get the museum up and running. However, he says the museum belongs to the people of Christian County. 


Martin made the big announcement on Saturday regarding the donor who made all of it possible. Her name is Pat (Banko) Klingler. She lives in Florida now, but is a Taylorville native.


Ms. (Banko) Klingler was not able to attend the event, but she did have family members there who unveiled a plaque commemorating what was done for the museum.


It took a lot of work to get to the point where people could see the museum in its new building. The weekend was only the start. Now that the public can go, Martin is hoping for a wam welcome from the community. At the end of the day, he was extremely pleased to see people at the museum.


The Christian County Coal Mine Museum is located on Park Street between the DMV and Taylorville Home Source.


Chuck Martin's full speech:


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