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Problem Solving Court Graduation Held Wednesday

Christian County held its Problem Solving Court Graduation on Wednesday. Two women celebrated their graduation with seven others able to have their cases dismissed for staying clean. Judge Brad Paisley praised the hard work of Kim and Darci, two ladies that were able to graduate from the program. In participation in the program, the women have been able to get a treatment plan that works for them and they are able to move on with ways to handle stress and peer pressure.  Taylorville Police Chief Dwayne Wheeler says he looks forward to Problem Solving Court Graduation every time it happens.



Chief Wheeler does admit that he does get angry when he goes to these graduations, knowing that there is still drugs in Taylorville.



At the end of the day Chief Wheeler believes that this is why programs like Safe Passage are so important. 



Judge Brad Paisley has praised the Problem Solving Court and has stressed just how much money the Problem Solving Court has saved taxpayers since its introduction. 



(Picture Courtesy: Taylorville Police Department)

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