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Taylorville City Council To Meet Monday Evening

The Taylorville City Council will meet for their second of a bi-monthly meeting in June on Monday evening at 7 PM at the Municipal building. After reviewing some ordinances, the board will look at some motions for a special events permit and appointing Ben Robinson to the Library Board and Ron McKavetz to the BDD Committee. 


The board will also review committee reports. Under lake and airport the board will look to approve some lake lot signs and a mower. Under water and environmental, the board will look to approve starting the engineering process to facilitate a second pump at the Southwest tower and approve a purchase of a cargo trailer. 


The biggest discussion will be under ordinances where the board will review a motion to recommend making a change to the Taylorville City Code to require the property owner to be responsible for the service line and connections with the City being responsible for the sewer main and tap with all extenuating circumstances to be taken to the Street and Sewer Committee for review and determination of responsibility.


As always there will be Mayoral and City Attorney updates. Stay tuned to Regional Radio News for a complete wrap-up of the City Council meeting and to be able to watch it in it’s entirety after the conclusion.

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