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State House Republicans Still Pushing Hard For Ethics Reform In Springfield

It's no secret that Republican legislators have been pushing for transparency. There have been steps taken recently, such as term limits, but that isn’t enough for Representative Avery Bourne who feels they still haven’t done enough to inspire confidence from the people of Illinois. She does say they've attempted many different pieces of legislation in the area of ethics and transparency. 



It’s all about changing the culture. There was a very large ethics bill that was simplified before passing. Representative Bourne says that’s a start, but there is more needed to really start that shifting the culture.



The police reform bill and the budget are two examples of things happening last minute where the taxpayers didn’t know what was happening until the legislation passed. Representative Bourne says that shouldn’t happen and they’ve proposed a 72 hour waiting period.



Representative Bourne explains that ethics touches every corner of what they do as legislators.



Representative Bourne appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show.

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