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Representative Avery Bourne Discusses Unemployment, The Budget, And Many Other Topics

Representative Avery Bourne, of the 95th District, discussed a litany of topics that were at the forefront of the most recent Legislative Session during a sitdown conversation with Regional Radio News. One of the first topics that Representative Bourne talked about was IDES. Representative Bourne says that Unemployment Buildings need to be open. They were able to get a resolution passed to start working towards that process.


Governor JB Pritzker has been very ecstatic about the new budget and Representative Bourne pointed out a few things about it saying that she was glad that Education was included but there was still a lot of wasteful spending.



Representative Bourne says there was a lot in this budget though overall that doesn’t “pass the smell test.” She says that there was quite a bit of pushback from Governor Pritzker after his tax hike didn’t go through. However, she doesn’t think that Governor Pritzker expected the economy to bounce back as fast as it did.



She also says that it is past time that the Capital Building be open again.



Representative Bourne says that they are expected to be back in Springfield soon to discuss some new energy laws.

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