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Last month was Mental Health Awareness Month. Even though it is over, the importance continues on. Especially in a COVID-19 landscape that is still ongoing, Ed Lacheta with Shelby County Community Services explains the pandemic has been a trauma inducing event. 



Because of the trauma the COVID pandemic has caused for some people, professionals like Lacheta stress that it’s important to talk about the feelings rather than ignore them.



It’s hard to open up about mental health. Because of underlying stigmas of shame or even weakness, there are some who never do. While there is nothing to be ashamed of, Lacheta wants those who find the strength to share to be proud that they did.



Emotional support can a huge impact on your life, according to Lacheta.



Lacheta appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show live from our studios in downtown Shelbyville.

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