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Getting Vaccinated Is Key To Getting To Phase 5

June11th could be a big day for the state of Illinois as that is the target date to reach Phase 5 in Governor JB Pritzker’s plan to open up the state. Phase 5 is where all restrictions are lifted. Each county has to do its part for the state as a whole to get there, though. Kim Bourne, President and CEO of Taylorville Memorial Hospital, says Christian County is among the lower echelon of counties in terms of vaccination numbers.



Bourne continued by diving into the numbers, which show the population under 65 years of age is where the discrepancy is between Christian County and the rest of the state.



Some people may choose not to receive the vaccine. For those who want it but havent gotten the shot yet, Bourne says there is plenty of opportunity.



With Phase 5 on the horizon, Bourne urges residents to do what needs to be done not to move backward.


Bourne appeared as a guest on the WTIM morning show.

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