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Republicans Warn Of Increased Taxes With New State Budget

A state budget was pushed through at the last minute in the legislative session and it was over 3,000 pages long meaning most Legislators did not read it. This infuriated Republicans who felt that this was once again pushed through at the last minute to prevent experts from speaking and to prevent any backlash about the budget that got approved. Chief Budget Negotiator, Senator Chapin Rose, says that most of the time the Republicans weren’t even included in the discussion but there was some good stuff put in it.



Senator Rose says there was way too much spending on “pork” in the budget and none of it was earmarked for Republican projects.



Senator Rose also says that the Democratic side got too greedy and did the budget for all the wrong reasons including huge tax increases after COVID.



There seems to be a disconnect Senator Rose believes with the State coming back to normal from COVID-19 with all these new taxes and the deficit.



The legislative session wrapped up on Monday evening with a passing of the budget. It now goes to the Governor’s Desk for signature. 

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