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Central Illinois Food Bank Using New Link To Feed Program

The pandemic might seem like its reaching the end point, but food insecurity is still very much alive. It became more important as the pandemic went on for local and regional food pantries to make sure the right food was getting out there. From that idea comes there newest program, which Partner Resource Coordinator with the Central Illinois Foodbank, Adam Handy, says is called the Link To Feed program.



By collecting all this data virtually, it makes it easier to sort through the favorite options for each local area. Handy says it can also show what dietary restrictions there are,



The Taylorville Food Pantry has been able to help with the initial roll out of the Link To Feed program and Co-Coordinator Amy Hagen says she’s very thankful for their partnership with the Central Illinois Foodbank.



Handy explains this program can be local, but also present a birds-eye view.



Handy and Hagen appeared as a guest on the WTIM morning show.

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