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Bond Set At $1,000,000 in Taylorville Shooting

Bond was set at $1 million for a Taylorville man who is accused of shooting two people on Thursday night. State’s Attorney Mike Havera asked for the high bond in the case of Richard Klekamp, who is accused of shooting two people including fatally wounding 17-year-old Altar Ivy II. Klekamp is charged with 3 counts of murder (with intent to injure/kill), and one count of aggravated battery. For the 3 charges of murder with intent to injure/kill, one is a class X felony and two are class M felonies. 


After probable cause was heard from the State, the State said that Klekamp showed no remorse and had given a taped confession to the murder. He also told police where the weapon was, but it was unknown to the State of whether or not they had taken the weapon in yet. Havera asked for $1 million for the bond. 


Klekamps attorney, Tom Finks, who was only his counsel for the bond hearing, asked for $100,000. He said he understood the severity of the situation, but given Klekamp not having a criminal history, having roots in Taylorville, and the new rules on bond that will be in effect soon, Finks asked for a much lesser bond. 


After both arguments were heard, Judge Brad Paisley agreed with the State and set the bond at one million dollars. Klekamp is set to have a status on his counsel on who he wants to hire on June 15th, with a preliminary hearing set for June 24th at 10 AM. 

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