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Christian County Board Meets; Approves Expansion Of Enterprise Zone

The County Board met on Tuesday evening. One of the first topics of discussion was EMA Business. The board is still looking for a new EMA Director for Christian County. The board also discussed a resolution for local zoning and land use affairs. The board took a stand against the Government coming in and saying whether or not the county has to have wind/solar or not and take the vote out of the County Board’s hands. Matt Wells along with Ray Koonce said it isn’t fair.



The motion passed. The board also discussed the enterprise zone expansion. Venise McWard asked about tax breaks and who was eligible for them. A motion was put forward to expand the enterprise zone. Wells said that the Solar company coming in wouldn’t have to pay sales tax. The consensus was that they would be buying most of their materials from Christian County so it would be putting that money right back in. 



The Solar Farm would be 2.5 square miles. Wells said he wouldn’t do anything without approval from the County Board.



The motion would pass with only Venise McWard voting no on it. Stay tuned to Regional Radio News for more on this topic in the future. The board is meeting with Christian County Sheriff Bruce Kettelkamp to come up with new ways to pay for a new facility. Dale Livingston says that Sheriff Kettelkamp doesn’t feel that the bail change will reduce the general population. 



See below for the complete meeting.



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