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Johnson And Johnson Vaccine On Hold

Due to some issues with a rare and severe blood clot, the CDC along with the US Food and Drug Administration is pausing the distribution of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. There have been six reported US cases of a rare and severe type blood clot on individuals that have been receiving the vaccine.


Memorial Health System has immediately suspended Johnson and Johnson vaccines. The vaccine clinic scheduled for Friday, April 16th at Taylorville Memorial Hospital has been canceled. IDPH has notified all Illinois COVID-19 providers to stop the use of the J&J vaccine at this time and to continue to distribute the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.


In Illinois, Moderna and Pfizer make up the majority of vaccines with 483,720 doses for this week with only 5,800 expected to be J&J. If you have received the J&J vaccine, and you develop a severe headache, abdominal pain, leg pain, or shortness of breath within three weeks of receiving the vaccine, contact your health care provider. 


IDPH will continue to monitor the situation and updates will be provided as they become available. 

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