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State's Attorney Addresses Recent Charges From Fatal Crash

In light of many questions, rumors, and anger over the recent car accident in Taylorville Township on Thursday evening that killed two people and put one 19-year-old in the hospital, Christian County State’s Attorney Mike Havera went on record to explain the charges against Robert M. Hodson, and why the charges were filed the way that they were. Havera says that the aggravated DUI is tougher than what a vehicular homicide or manslaughter would be.



Havera says they haven’t treated this case any different than any other case.



Havera also informed Regional Radio News that yes, Hodson has posted his $200,000 bond. He had to pay $20,000 to be released. Havera says it’s everyone’s right to be able to post bond, but there are still conditions applied to it, and the bond was set higher due to the severity of the crime.



Hodson is facing multiple charges in the accident that occurred late Thursday evening on Illinois Route 48. Hodson is scheduled to appear in court on May 10th.

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