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Tayloville Native And University Of Illinois Junior Releases Book On Amazon

When students head off to college, they are looking for an avenue to pursue their goals and dreams. Sometimes, those happen sooner than expected. Noah Nelson is a junior at the University of Illinois and he’s already published a book. It’s called Life: A Collection of Short Stories, and it’s available on Amazon. Nelson says he’s been writing for a long time and found a great opportunity to make a dream happen.


The writing process is generally full of ideas. Nelson does write ideas down, but he knows the best will stick with him regardless.


The author dream has family ties for Nelson, and it’s been something he’s wanted for a long time.

For those who share Nelson’s dream of one day becoming an author, he says to not let others dictate your future. You never know when your chance will come.


Nelson appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.

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