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Taylorville Memorial Hospital Offers Vaccine Pilot Program

A new pilot program has Taylorville Memorial Hospital at the forefront of vaccine distribution. Taylorville Memorial Hospital CEO Kim Bourne, says that TMH will receive one shot Johnson and Johnson COVID vaccines.  Bourne says this shot is a game-changer.



While you can still develop an illness from COVID after you have the vaccine, it will help limit severe cases. The vaccine for the pilot program will be given out on April 9th. Bourne says you can call to make an appointment by calling 217-707-5472.



The vaccine is available for those 18 and older. Everybody that wants a vaccine will be put on the list, and the hospital will call you back with a time. Bourne says getting this vaccine will help towards getting back to normal.



While you’re not always able to know what vaccine you’re getting, whether it’s the Moderna or Pfizer or Johnson and Johnson, but with this pilot program, Bourne says you know what you are getting.



The clinic will once again be done on April 9th. You can call and leave a voicemail to get on the list by calling 707-5472. There are 200 shots available and it will be a first call, first serve vaccine.

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