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Memorial Behavioral Health Phone Line Receives Over 2,000 Calls In First Year

A year ago, Memorial Behavioral Health established an emotional-support line to help individuals who are experiencing anxiety or stress. A year later, and Memorial Behavioral Health is reporting that more than 2,000 calls have been made to that support line in the last year. 


Calls are usually involving anxiety whether it is for themselves or another loved one. According to Memorial Behavioral Health’s Amber Olson, there is a lot of concern over loved ones contracting COVID-19, or managing the stress of children at home doing online learning, or just needing a social connection. Olson says though that as the pandemic continued stress starting shifting to relationship troubles, the loss of loved ones, and fears of financial strain from not working, or losing a job.

Support lin staff would often make bridge calls which would help the Memorial Behavioral Health Crisis Clinic to bridge the gap between the patient and actual mental health services to give patients the support and care that they would need that would be more than just what a phone call gives. 


Olson says that when you call the hotline, you can expect consistency, support, and care along with tips for combating COVID-19, handling money issues, and providing links to community services, and behavioral health services. 


The Memorial Behavioral Health Emotional Support Line is always free and open to everyone, regardless of whether you are a patient or not with Memorial. Please call the support hotline at 217-588-5509. For more information, you can visit www.memorialbehavioralhealth.org/services/emotional-support-hotline.

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