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IDOT Urging Motorists Not To Litter

The Illinois Department of Transportation is urging motorists to be on the lookout for crews picking up trash and to do its part by not littering. If you do spot maintenance vehicles and other workers that are picking up garbage and trash, slow down, move over, and give them space. IDOT Spokesperson Paul Wappel says that by doing your part of not littering, you could save taxpayers money.



Last year IDOT spent $6.1 million on litter pickup. This is the same cost as resurfacing 30 miles of road or buying 40 new trucks that could plow snow in winter. IDOT also says items tossed onto the road can cause distractions, crashes, or even hurt people and put workers at risk who have to clean after you. Wappel says you can get a fine of up to $1500.



IDOT also says that litter can kill plants and animals and it's something that can easily be controlled by just not doing it. For more information please call 217-557-3224.

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