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Taylorville Police Asking For Patience With Traffic At School

With Taylorville School District back in session full time, traffic is a big part. Traffic has always been hectic at the school, but going a long time between being in school full time, has led to some traffic issues as things kick off. Sergeant Alan Mills of the Taylorville Police Department says that he is appreciative of the people showing patience through this first week as things slowly get back to normal.



Backups at Taylorville School District are not uncommon but thanks to COVID and spreading the kids out a little bit more for social distancing has caused the backups to last a little longer. 



With nicer weather, Sgt. Mills says that there will be more people outside in general never mind the fact that school is back in session.



When it all comes down to it Taylorville Police Department asks for patience as things get going.



Sergeant Alan Mills appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.

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