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Jeff Stoner Running For Taylorville Alderman In Ward 2

Elections are coming up next month and one of the names on the ballot will be Jeff Stoner, who is running for Ward 2 Alderman. Stoner has roots in Taylorville that includes being a firefighter.



Stoner is running for this office because it is a way to make a difference and take action.



Enacting change is a big part of what Stoner is hoping to do. He is a resident of Ward 2 and knows he has to listen to the people, should he be elected.



Injecting youth into the local government is something Stoner believes he’ll be able to do as a 32-year-old running for this office. He believes that is something that will be helpful for the community.



Stoner appeared as a guest on the NewsTalk WTIM Morning Show.

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