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Shelby County Bar Association Talks Changes Due To COVID

The Shelby County Barr Association has set their 2021 leadership team. The team consists of Presidentt Cari Rincker of Rincker Law, Vice President Nichole Kroncke of the State Attorney’s Office, Secretary Ruth Woolery of Dove and Dove, and as Treasurer Walter Lookofsky of the Lookofsky Law Office. , Shelbyville Native and President for the 2021 term, Cari Rincker says that the Association meets quarterly but this year their meeting bi-monthly.



Rincker says that Zoom is probably here to stay as far as changes due to COVID.



Due to Zoom, Rincker is able to meet with more clients and there are no geographical restrictions.



Rincker says that there are some negatives but the positives of Zoom definitely outweigh the negatives.



The board met in January on Zoom but will meet in person at Monacal’s Pizza in March and do every other meeting via Zoom. 

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