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Treasurer Jacque Nation Addresses Harassment Charge Filed

Taylorville City Treasurer Jacque Nation has issued a statement to Regional Radio News following a harassment complaint that she filed with Human Resources concerning Taylorville Mayor Bruce Barry. Here is the full statement from Treasurer Nation on the incident that took place. 


“On January 29, 2021, during office hours, I was headed to Mayor Barry’s office to discuss city business with him.  As I walked up the stairs I heard Mayor Barry loudly say my name.  It was apparent he was on speaker phone with someone at his secretary’s desk, which is immediately adjacent to the public area and Council Chambers.  What he said was shocking, demeaning, sexist and totally unprofessional.  His remarks very well could have been heard by anyone in the open stairwell and public vestibule below, with no need to ‘eavesdrop’.  I immediately reported those disparaging remarks to the City’s HR Manager and filed a complaint; as required to do so in my capacity as City Treasurer, mandated by the City of Taylorville’s own policies.  This complaint was made on January 29, 2021, and not ‘very late in the election cycle’ and absolutely not ‘politically motivated’ as Mayor Barry said.  As Mayor Barry’s comments indicated he is ‘saddened’ by this; I am saddened that my complaint was even necessary.” 


Mayor Barry has apologized for the remark and gave a statement to Regional Radio News earlier in the week. 

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