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Be Aware Of Warning Signs Of Gallbladder Issues

The gallbladder isn’t something you think about on a regular basis when it comes to organs in your body, however, if there is a problem, the gallbladder can cause all kinds of issues. Amy Henderson, a Family Practice Physician Assistant with OSF, says that the gallbladder helps break down fat in your diet.



There will be nearly 12,000 new cases of gallbladder cancer diagnosed this year according to the American Cancer Society. While gallbladder cancer isn’t usually found until it has progressed, be aware of the warning signs such as abdominal pain or bloating, rapid weight loss, or a jaundice appearance.  The most common issue associated with the gallbladder are gallstones.  Gallstones don’t generally cause issues unless they change in size.



Among the risk factors for gallbladder related issues are obesity, pregnancy, living a sedentary lifestyle, and eating a high-fat diet. Women are also more likely to have gallbladder issues than men. Anderson says there are plenty of things to do to help prevent issues.



Henderson says to go see your primary care physician if you have any issues.



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