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Pana Community Hospital completed its first total hip replacement procedure in the hospital’s new surgical suite. The procedure was performed by Dr. Jacob Sams of the Decatur Orthopedic Center. He along with Dr. Donald Sullivan of the Decatur Orthopedic Center has brought a comprehensive joint replacement program to Pana Community Hospital. Stephanie Anderson, the perioperative manager of Pana Community Hospital says that the first procedure went very well.



Melissa Rybolt, Marketing Manager for Pana Community Hospital says that having these kinds of surgeries locally makes patients much more comfortable.



COVID did delay things a little, but Rybolt is pleased that they are able to offer so many procedures close to home for so many people. Anderson says she would have never known that was the first time they performed that procedure at PCH.



It won’t be just hips, but all replacement procedures will be able to be completed. Anderson says that while COVID affected some stuff, it hadn’t affected the replacement procedures at all.



Stephanie Anderson and Melissa Rybolt both appeared as guests on the Newstalk WTIM Morning show.

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