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School Board Mulls Changing Votes For Future School Board Members

Taylorville School Board will be looking for a vote at election time on a new policy that will shift picking board members from a restrictive boundary definition for school board candidates of Taylorville School District to those who have the popular vote. Dr. Chris Dougherty, School Superintendent, says there are a number of reasons for this decision. 



Dr. Dougherty explained that sometimes right now if you are the popular candidate there are chances that you won’t get picked due to the current rules.



Melissa McMillan, Manager of the Christian County Farm Bureau says that the Farm Bureau is opposed to this potential rule change.



McMillan says that some communities including Mt. Auburn and Stonington need to get their representation and don’t want to be left out.



Election day is April 6th, but you can vote early in Christian County.

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