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Brown Appears In Court For Preliminary Hearing

A Taylorville man accused of asking for sexual favors from a minor and having methamphetamine appeared in Christian County court Tuesday for his preliminary hearing. 24 year old Kyle D. Brown appeared remotely in custody for his preliminary hearing. Brown is accused of indecent solicitation of a minor through use of the internet and possession of meth. On February 2nd, a complaint was made about Brown concerning a minor. The mother of the minor told police that Brown was sending messages to her daughter on January 30th. During the preliminary hearing, Taylorville Detective Christopher Adams told the court that Brown offered the minor, who was the defendant’s sister-in-law, $50-$100 for sexual favors. 


According to Detective Adams, on the 19th of February, Brown sent a message to the mother of the victim saying that he messaged the juvenile female and that if the female continued to prosecute the charges, he would harm himself by the police. Upon getting a search warrant, police tried to interview Brown, but Brown asked for a lawyer, so the defendant was arrested on the charges. Brown eventually told police that during messages that were sent to the minor, that he was high when he did it. During the search of the house, a box was found with drug paraphernalia and methamphetamine, with the initials KB on the box. 


Public Defender Tiffany Senger, told the court that the charge should only hold if the activity happened, which it didn’t. Also according to the definition of family, Senger argued, that Brown—as brother-in-law—didn’t fit that definition. Assistant State’s Attorney Sarah Carlson, argued in her rebuttal that there is enough probable cause for a felony, which the meth charge falls under. Carlson asked for a continuance to review the case a little more. Senger objected saying that they were ready to go now and Carlson had had ample time before to review the files. 


Probable cause for count 2—the possession of meth charge—was found, however, a brief continuance was granted by Judge Brad Paisley for March 11th to go over and review the first charge which was the indecent solicitation of a minor charge. 

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