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Taylorville Students Returning To In Person Learning 5 Days A Week

Taylorville Students will be coming back 5 days a week still with dismissal at 2 PM starting on March 22nd. Parents spoke out for and against bringing students back to Taylorville School District and during the public comments section, urged Superintendent Dr. Chris Dougherty and staff to either open the school up completely or continue to wait depending on whose side they were on. The conversation continued for 30 minutes for public comments as parents, teachers, and parent-teachers, all spoke in support or against bringing kids back full-time. 


Dr. Chris Dougherty announced some upcoming changes to schedules to bring all students back into classrooms on the 22nd of March. Remote will still be allowed, but Dougherty says it is a top priority to bring students back into the classrooms.



Dr. Dougherty says that through cleaning measures they will place students in classrooms first and remote needs secondly.



Mr. Stephen Turner, School Board President, voiced his concern with the new plan including eating lunch in tents outside and that there are too many kids to be able to social distance.



Mr. Turner continued, frustrated at the fact that people are picking and choosing what data applies to them to fit the story to their needs and not tell the whole story.



The vote passed 6-1 in favor of returning to in-person learning with only Mr. Turner voting no. Stay tuned to Regional Radio News for more on this story as it becomes available.


EDIT: Originally in this article, Mr. Stephen Turner was listed as Dr when he is not. Regional Radio News apologizes for the error. 

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