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Shelby County Community Services Pushes For Mental Health Awareness During Covid

For Ed Lacheta, the Clinical Director for Shelby County Community services, Covid 19 has put people’s mental health in bad shape.



Lacheta says our normal ways with connecting with other people are either eliminatad or greatly restricted.



Lacheta says that looking at mental health data and numbers are disturbing.



Lacheta is concerned most about the number of people that are reporting frequent thoughts of suicide or self harm.



Lacheta wants people to know there are resources available for help.



If you or someone you know needs help, contact Shelby County Community Services Outpatient Mental Health program at 774-21-13. There is also a 24/7, 365 days a year Crisis Intervention. Access that with the same number 774-21-13 or call 911. Clinical Director for Shelby County Community services Ed Lacheta appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show live from our studios in downtown Shelbyville.

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