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National Weather Service In Lincoln Says February Was Unusual

Between snow piled high on cars in the morning and snow plows working long hours to make roads derivable, it’s not a secret that February was a cold month. Chris Miller with the National Weather Service in Lincoln confirmed that, in fact, that was a much colder February than last year.



Weather can be tough to predict, which could even lead to snow still to come for Illinois. However, at least in the near future there is nothing suggesting that will happen.



That cold weather in February was not only surprising because winter was warmer than normal to that point, but also because at one point Illinois was colder than Alaska.



Drastic weather changes come with drawbacks, especially when the weather warms up with snow on the ground. According to Miller, Central Illinois was very fortunate that large amounts of rain didn’t occur when the temperature started to rise.



Miller appeared as a guest on the NEWSTALK WTIM Morning Show.

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