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The National Weather Service Urges Readiness During Severe Weather Preparedness Week

The first week in March every year in Illinois is Severe Weather Preparedness week. Bad weather can strike anytime, and Chris Miller with the National Weather Service in Lincoln wants people to be ready if that does happen.



Part of weather preparedness is knowing the difference between a watch and a warning. Miller says to think of it in terms of “Ready, set, go.” Ready is the first step, and that is a few days out when the storm possibility is first reported.



Watches are when the ‘set’ of the analogy comes into play. These are slightly more immediate, but they will last several hours and don’t necessarily mean there is going to be severe weather, but there is a chance it’s coming.



When a warning is issued, that means action, or ‘go’. Miller says the action you should take is finding shelter and stay away from windows. Basements are always the best option, but if one isn’t available Miller says go to the lowest floor of the building. If all else fails, a bathroom might just be the best bet.



Miller appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.

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