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Taylorville City Council Continues To DIscuss 207 W. Main Cross

The Taylorville City Council met on Monday evening and discussed 207 West Main Cross at great length again. The original motion that was on the floor was for the City Council to approve a business development district redevelopment agreement between the City of Taylorville and George and Tina Coughlan (Two Brothers Tuckpointing) to provide repairs to the building located at 207 West Main Cross in the form of a forgivable loan in the amount of $70,000 provided that there is proof of insurance, release of lien, and transfer of ownership or property are provided with funds to be paid periodically as work is completed. City Attorney Rocci Romano suggested a slight change to the motion.



After much discussion, the board decided to put the document prepared and bring it back up once it’s got the proper wording to than vote on it at a later date. The motion was approved 8-0. Romano gave an update on the road behind the Steak and Shake.



Mayor Bruce Barry gave his update as well, talking about some of the work that the city has put into beautifying Taylorville.


In other news, the motion to proceed with the demolition of 510 North Cottage was tabled. The city approved the motion to hire one employee for the Sewer Department along with multiple ordinances. 


To hear the full meeting, click here.



The next City Council Meeting is set for March 15th.

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