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Illinois Says Schools Must Take Standardized Tests; No Waivers Allowed

Standardized testing for grades K-12 for Taylorville School Districts and other School Districts in Illinois will continue. The US Department of Education along with ISBE is not waiving these tests. Dr. Chris Dougherty, Superintendent of Taylorville School District, along with 673 other Superintendents had asked the State for a waiver this year which will not be granted.



The school continues to see progress through learning, despite the setbacks of COVID.



The school continues to work with those who are at home and at school to work with them and get them on the same page as everyone else. There will be a loss of some days to prep for the standardized testing and that does concern, Dr. Dougherty, somewhat.



The biggest concern is the takeaway on instruction time, but Dr. Dougherty says she has made sure Taylorville School District is prepared for the tests.



Anita Brown, Curriculum Director, will provide leadership for the assessment process and 95% of students are required to take it. 

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