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ISP Ramping Up Tickets For Scott's Law Violations

There have been at least 10 Illinois State Police Squad cars that have been struck due to motorists disobeying the Move Over Law in Illinois including six over the last week. Police will be ramping up their patrols to try to promote awareness of the law. Christian County Sheriff Bruce Kettelkamp warns that this activity is very dangerous towards his officers trying to do their job. 



Sheriff Kettelkamp says he’s known some law officers personally who have been affected by Illinoisans not moving over.



The Sheriff just wants people to move over or slow down if they can’t move over. A simple action like that can save people’s lives. It’s not just for the interstate it’s for all roads.



The maximum fine for not moving over or slowing down is $10,000 with a minimum fine of $250. The offense goes on your driving record, and you can lose your driving privileges for up to 24 months in the event of a fatality and six months for a crash. 

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