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Taylorville FFA Students Highlighted During National FFA Week

During National FFA Week a light is shed on the hard work that these students put into their work. Senior Isabelle Norris is president of the Taylorville FFA Chapter, and for her it’s a family affair.



The family tradition continues with Isabelle’s little sister, Abby Norris who is a freshman and just getting started with the program. Her beginning has been filled with a lot of learning and a little help from her sister.



Toby Winans is a senior in the FFA program, and he is the vice president of technology, which includes getting to work with drones.



Record books are a key part to what the FFA does, and Isabelle Norris explains what they are.


Isabelle Norris, Abby Norris, and Toby Winans appeared as guests on the NEWSTALK WTIM Morning Show during National FFA Week.

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