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Taylorville School Board Announces Future Changes To Hybrid Learning

The Taylorville School Board met on Monday evening at the School Cafeteria and announced some hopeful changes with remote learning in the near future.


Michael Edwards has been leading the social and emotional program at Taylorville School District. He gave a brief summary on what he’s been working on including some programs to help with that.



Edwards says that their group of counselors were able to help anyone having a difficult time. The mentoring program is also ran through that program as well. IHSA keeps changing their target about how they want sports conducted with COVID. Winter sports season remains short, but Principal Matt Hutchison is just excited to be having a season. Superintendent, Dr. Chris Dougherty announced that the vaccine clinic is going to be on-site on Friday.



Dr. Dougherty also discussed the new hybrid schedule announcing that there will be some changes coming including extending the day.



Wednesday’s would remain remote and deep cleaning for all. The School is still responsible for taking care of those who want to stay remote.



For more on this story visit www.taylorvilledailynews.com and stay tuned for more updates as this is a changing story. Guidance is expected to lessen from the CDC on what is expected. The CDC is pushing for more kids to be in school.

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