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Taylorville City Council Meets; Discusses/Tables West Cross Decision

The Taylorville City Council met on Monday evening and all Aldermen were present except for Chris Skultetty who was at the meeting via Zoom. All ordinances pertaining to the business district development were authorized and approved. A motion to approve a change order for the Franklin Street Sewer Project wasn’t necessary as there was no cost involved. 

The main discussion of the evening was on the demolition of 207 West Main Cross. Taylorville Mayor Bruce Barry gave a quick background on the building letting the Aldermen know that a potential buyer dropped out.



Mayor Barry says he doesn’t want to see the building tore down, but the safety of citizens and other buildings are something is his top priority. Alderman Ernie Dorchinecz says that he is concerned about the damage that’s already there. 



Aldermen Kathy Driskell asked if anyone had been interested in buying it to which Mayor Barry says they haven’t had any luck. 



There was still much to be discussed, so the board decided to table it 6-2 with Aldermen Larry Budd and Aldermen Skultetty voting no. Budd had asked Aldermen to come see it on Tuesday morning at 10 to see how bad the damage was on the second floor. 


In other news: Bid specifications were approved for the Police parking lot, a motion was approved for the downtowntaylorville.org 2021 calendar of events. A Waste Management contract was extended with the city. Clean up days were approved for March 13th and March 27th.  Tickets required for larger items were changed with trash bags at 1, mattresses at 2, and large and fluff items such as couches, chairs, etc. would be 5. 


The next city council meeting is set for February 15th. 


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