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In a 60-50 approval, the State House concurred with the State Senate to approve House Bill 3653, a bill that will bring sweeping change to police reform. Some of the changes to police reform that are included in that bill are elimination of cash bail, prohibition for purchasing militaristic equipment, police body cameras for all officers, eliminating qualified immunity for individual police officers, potentially exposing them to civil lawsuits, and eliminating the felony murder charge. 


Representative Avery Bourne, says that the process that pushed it through was unacceptable.



Representative Bourne believes that since this was two bills merged into one, it will make it hard for law enforcement to enforce it.



At the end of the day Representative Bourne agreed that the whole process seemed rushed.



Representative Sue Scherer voted in favor of the police reform bill. She was unavailable for comment. The bill now heads to Governor JB Pritzker’s desk for final signature. 


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