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Central A&M Schools To Go Remote For The Week After Thanksgiving

The Central A&M School District will be remote the week after Thanksgiving. Superintendent Dr. DeAnn Heck says that they decided to do that to give time for COVID-19 symptoms to arise and hopefully keep it out of the school district.   



Dr. Heck says that the Central A&M School District has had a great semester, all things considered.



What’s right for one school district may not be right for every school district, according to Dr. Heck.



The Central A&M teachers and staff have done an outstanding job, but are tired. The best thing we can do as a society to help them out, according to Dr. Heck, is to make sure that we maintain socially distanced and wear a face mask. 



Dr. DeAnn Heck was a guest on the NEWSTALK WTIM Morning Show. 

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