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School Board Meets; Says First Day Of Hybrid Learning A Success

The first day of hybrid learning, according to Superintendent Dr. Chris Dougherty was a success. The Superintendent visited all buildings and noted the hard work that the teachers had put in to make sure things were ready to go for the first day of school back in classes in nearly 8 months. 

Taylorville High School Principal Matt Hutchison says as of right now the number of students that are strictly remote learning is 28% of the students in the High School are learning remote and Hutchison says that number is growing but he’s happy to see students back in the classrooms. 



Principal of North Elementary Karen Kuntzman says it was a great day, and despite a small bus hiccup, things went well.



They have seen a slight remote increase as well over the last few days. Kuntzman says they have about 77 out of 400 that are staying remote and there are some parents that are waiting to see how the first few weeks play out before they make their decision one way or the other.


Dr. Dougherty says she is grateful for the staff, the custodial staff, and the nurses for all of their extraordinary work. 



In other news, the board reviewed the proposed 2020 Tax Levy. The Board also voted 7-0 to withdraw from the NPT Special Education Cooperative. Anita Brown reviewed the Illinois District Report Card, noting that numbers would be a little off due to the pandemic. 


Superintendent Dougherty noted that the Apollo Conference voted in unison to support the Governor’s actions on suspending basketball until COVID numbers went down. Dr. Dougherty says that attendance is still a concern and is asking for help from parents on the numbers. 


Stay tuned to Regional Radio News for more on the School Board and look for future interviews with Dr. Dougherty as Taylorville School District continues to navigate through this pandemic.

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