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Multiple Counties Look To Separate From Cook County And Chicago

One of the major ballot issues that wasn’t overly talked about, but has brought about a lot of conversation is counties wanting Chicago separated from Illinois. Christian, Shelby, and Moultrie Counties voted yesterday in favor of pushing that forward. Downstate Counties have talked about making Chicago a separate state due to many counties feeling that they have not had their fair share of voice heard politically. 


Out of over 16,000 votes cast in Christian County, 63% voted in favor of wanting Chicago separated from Illinois. In Shelby County, they saw very similar results with 72% of the 12,100 ballots cast in favor of Chicago becoming the 51st state. Over in Moultrie County, out of 6,700 ballots cast, 70% asked for the change.


While still early, it is clear many counties are getting tired of the control of the state from Cook County and Chicago. 

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