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Governor Warns Lack Of Fair Tax Will Raise Taxes On Everyone

Governor JB Pritzker blasted those who didn’t support the fair tax amendment change during his press conference on Wednesday afternoon. The Illinois Governor had the fair tax as one of his election promises. The amendment failed on Tuesday during the election with 98 percent of the vote in, "no" votes were leading with 55 percent of the vote compared with 45 percent of "yes" votes. Since the flat tax failed, Governor Pritzker says there are three options. The first is to make millions of dollars in cuts and raise property tax or as he called it, “The Republican Approach.”



Governor Pritzker says the second option is to raise the progressive tax or switch over to the fair tax. 



The Governor promised Illinoisans he would keep fighting for them.



The state is reporting 7,538 additional COVID cases with 55 deaths. You can listen to every Governor JB Pritzker Press Conference by streaming it on taylorvilledialynews.com.

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