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Governor Pritzker Will Enforce Mitigations On Region 3/6 If Levels Stay Higher Than 8%

Governor JB Pritzker will indeed enact mitigations in Region 3 and Region 6 if the metrics show that the positivity rate stays higher than 8%. The Governor was asked today in his daily press conference if he would indeed impose mitigations to which Governor Pritzker said yes. Region 3 was at 8.1% today. If it stays at 8% or higher for 2 more days, restrictions will be imposed.


The Governor made it clear that the State Police would be enforcing bar/restaurant closures and large group gatherings.



Governor Pritzker has asked the Liquor/Bar association to take away licenses of any companies that violate the policy multiple times.  The Governor also urged local officials to help police businesses and other establishments that don’t follow the rules.



For more information on the mitigation efforts and restrictions click here

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