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Christian County Board Approves First Steps Of Solar Farm; Chairwoman Edwards Frustrated Over CEDS

The Christian County Board met on Tuesday evening for their regular meeting virtually. The meeting was long-lasting; just over 3 hours, with the big discussion on a special use permit for the Black Diamond Solar Project in South Fork Township near Tovey. There was a concern from Tovey citizens about draining issues and flooding. After over an hour’s worth of discussion, a motion was finally brought to the floor. The motion that was brought was brought forward by Matt Wells for a special use permit with the understanding that this would not happen overnight. Chairwoman Becky Edwards said there would need to be approval from all sides and this was just a first step. 



The motion passed 10-5 in favor of approving the Special Use Permit. A motion was then put on the floor for the building permit that Black Diamond would clean the ditch and have an approval with the Village of Tovey before the building permit would be drafted. The motion carried. 


The meeting went through committee reports, but things got interesting at the very end of the meeting when discussing the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy or CEDS. Chairwoman Edwards explained that this was a grant program.



Brian Wilbur wanted to put it in personnel, but State’s Attorney, Mike Havera said it should be voted on through full county board. There were still plenty of questions on the CEDS. Edwards argued her position saying that municipalities were approved for the county and there was a difference between Christian County and Taylorville.  


Edwards also promised and vowed that it had nothing to do with eminent domain. Matt Wells asked why this wasn’t coming out of the finance committee as had been directed by the Assistant State’s Attorney’s Office last month. Edwards, clearly frustrated, said that there was nowhere written in Robert’s Rules of Order that said it couldn’t be brought up for the mainboard if it died in committee. After a question from Vikki McMahon, Edwards had heard enough and tore into the board.



The motion failed 8-7. With that, the meeting was adjourned. The next County Board meeting is set for November 17th.

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