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USDA Urging Grain Bin Safety This Fall

The US Department of Agriculture is promoting bin safety as we reach harvest time around central Illinois. Grain bins are essential to Illinois’ agricultural economy and being safe around those bins can be the difference between life and death. Grain bin incidents are not only scary for farmers and for those involved, but it can also be scary for first responders who have the tough job of going in to save the trapped individual. 


Last year, nationwide, there were 38 grain entrapment cases with 23 of those leading to fatalities. There were 3 cases reported in Illinois. Safety experts thing that some non-fatal entrapments don’t get reported. So far this year, 11 grain entrapment cases have been reported in Illinois with four fatalities. Illinois Department of Labor Assistant Director Jason Keller says that the height of the bins can cause issues.



Keller says there are different ways to keep yourself safe when working near grain bins including having a partner.



According to OSHA, 60 percent of fatalities in grain entrapment cases are would-be rescuers and about seven in ten occur on family farms.

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