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Christian and Montgomery County Health Department’s is reminding the public of health codes as a response to COVID-19. The Chris-Mont EMA announced that they are working with the local health departments to stay on top of policy, guidelines, rules, and code changes as they change due to the virus. 


The Health Departments along with Chris-MONT EMA are stressing public health laws, including any business service, or facility that is open to the public shall require employees and customers who are over the age of two to wear a face-covering as long as they can medically tolerate it. Any businesses that offer food or beverages may allow individuals to remove face coverings when eating or drinking but should wear it at all other times. 


For retail businesses, they must have signs saying that face coverings are required, offer face coverings (depending on the size of the business), and give verbal warnings to customers to wear face coverings, and request that customers leave who are not wearing face coverings. Gatherings of more than 50 people or 50% of a building are prohibited unless exempted by the law. 


Chris-Mont EMA says that the two counties together have had 889 positive COVID cases, 24 deaths either caused by or contributed to by COVID, 114 that are currently quarantined, and many more with potential exposure, including 5 that are hospitalized.


They encourage everyone to not put businesses into compromising positions by wearing a mask inside their facilities.

For more information contact the Christian County Health Department at 824-4113, the Montgomery County Health Department at 532-2001, or the Chris-Mont EMA at 532-9560.

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