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The subject of vaccines can be tricky. Many people have their minds made up one way or the other about vaccines and whether they are good for you or not. One person who swears by vaccines is Nurse practitioner, Karen Koenig (Kay-NIG) from HSHS Medical Group. Koenig says that vaccines are important especially this year because doctors are concerned that you can get the flu and COVID-19 at the same time.  You should also have kids get vaccines, especially if you are around senior citizens.

Koenig says the CDC has a schedule for when you should have a vaccine which you can find on their website.  Koenig goes on to say just because a virus isn’t in America doesn’t mean you can’t catch the virus if it spreads and you’re not


HSHS encourages all those over 6 months older to get a flu shot.


There will be a drive-thru flu clinic at HSHS Clinic at 1304 W. Burnett Drive on October 10th and October 17th from 9 until 12. Koenig says it doesn’t cost anything to get the shot. For more information call (833) 594-0336.

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