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Shelby County is clarifying some information concerning letters sent by the Secretary of State. Shelby County Clerk, Jessica Fox says that there have been letters sent to homes in Shelby County alerting them that they have not applied for a Vote by Mail ballot and they should let the Clerk’s office know to complete their application.


These letters have been sent to all Illinoisans due to an election bill passed by the State Legislature in May as a response to COVID-19. It requires election authorities to send mail ballot applications to every voter who has voted in any of the past 3 elections.  This bill also says that the Secretary of State shall send a letter to any voter who received an application for mail-in ballot, but has not filled it out.


Fox says that the notices are wrong and many people received the letter by mail even if they have shown no interest in voting by mail. Those who have applied for mail ballots will be sent to Shelby County voters by September 24th. These mail-in ballots will start arriving in homes starting in October.


Fox assures everyone that if you don’t want to vote by mail you absolutely do not have too. In-person early voting and election day polling places will continue to be available and any voters who wish to use them may do so when the time comes. 


If you have any questions, please contact Jessica Fox at the Shelby County Clerk’s office at 774-4421.

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