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Ameren continues to work hard to protect wildlife especially birds. Riley Adams is the Electric Initiatives Manager and Avian Protection Program Manager for Ameren Illinois. Adams says that Ameren is working hard to help protect birds from power lines and they are making adjustments all the time. He addressed how birds are able to land on power lines and not get electrocuted.


Ameren Illinois has an Avion protection program in an effort to protect wildlife so they can use the facilities safely.



Adams says that there are many protective measures that Ameren has taken to protect birds and it’s come a long way since power originally came to central Illinois including creating more space in between lines to give even the eagle enough room where the bird won’t touch both of them.



Ameren has also worked hard to rehab birds as well.



Ameren Illinois delivers electricity to 1.2 million customers in more than 1,200 communities with a service territory spanning 43,700 square miles.

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