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The Christian County Board will meet remotely on Tuesday evening at 6:30 PM. The meeting will be done virtually. It will also be broadcast live on New Country 104.1 FM.  One of the main focuses of this meeting will be on the text amendments concerning the Zoning Board of Appeals and their decision on the wind farms. The board will go through section by section with approvals or disapprovals. 


Another topic of discussion that will be talked about is the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy or CEDS. There will be speakers at the meeting to discuss this including Taylorville Mayor Bruce Barry, Mary Renner, Montgomery Chairman Evan Young, and Heather Hampton-Knodle. The board will vote on accepting the CEDS report as well. 


The next regular Christian County Board Meeting is set for October 20, 2020.


Join the online meeting: https://join.freeconferencecall.com/christiancounty

Dial-in number (US): (701) 802-5367

Access code: 7943957#


1.                  Call to order
2.                  Roll Call
3.                  Approve minutes from the regular County Board meeting of the August 18, 2020 as printed with any corrections or amendments to them..
4.                  Present in writing petitions, resolutions/or ordinances, proclamations:
1-ZBA-Adopt O2020ZN007 Text Amendment TX20-7 a-Amendment page update, b-additions to the definitions of farm animal, residential grass, c-add Inoperable Motor Vehicle O2011 ZN026 to be included within the CODE from stand alone ordinance.
2-ZBA Advisory report from the WECS text amendments; TX20-02, TX20-03, TX20-04, TX20-05, TX20-06, section by section with approvals or disapprovals through ordinance O2020 ZN 008.
5.                  Public comments.
6.                  Reading of Communications:
7.                  Committee Reports:

Highway/Building/Grounds/Environmental/ Zoning/ Welfare-none

1.      Discussion to approve new Liquor License request Caplin Torres.
2.      Discuss and approve hold harmless agreement with Montgomery County for ESDA use of property.
3.      Inquiries about Health Department procedures during COVID.
4.      Discuss COVID reimbursement reporting.
5.      Review job description for Assistant to the Board/HR position.
6.      Personnel issues and/or personnel/other county policies/procedures, personnel or labor updates or any other matters or referrals that properly come before the committee and/or public comments and/or executive session for any personnel issue.


1.      Review the proposed office budgets and discuss.

2.      Referrals from other committees, any other matters that are properly brought before the board.

Audit/Finance/Purchasing/Budget --9/10/2020

1. Approve claims as presented for September.

2. Speakers requesting to address Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) report are Bruce Barry, Mary Renner, Montgomery Chairman Evan Young, Heather Hampton-Knodle. Motion to accept CEDS report.

3. Approve Resolution to accept a donation from the Macon County Public Safety Training Foundation to upgrade the 9-1-1 System.
4.Budget discussions including ESDA review, Sheriff's review, Public Defender supplies/equipment, Chief Probation Officer salary and non-bargaining salary increases.
5. Approve the $300 annual allotted funding to Langley Cemetery caretaker.
6. Public comments.
        7. Referrals from any other committee, any other matters that are properly brought before the Committee.

a.       Extend the Emergency Declaration Proclamation.
b.      Approve use of courthouse grounds for Chilifest.

9.                  Mileage and Per Diem Report:

10.              Re-Appointments/terms: none requested

11.              Adjourn meeting until Tuesday, October 20, 2020 for the regular meeting.

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