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Public health officials are worried that COVID is keeping people from getting necessary vaccines. According to the CDC 40,000-50,000 adults in the US die from vaccine-preventable illnesses or complications from them. There is concern that this year will see even more, as many people, especially older people won’t leave the house. OSF Healthcare physician Raj Patel says that with flu season coming, the need for vaccinations is now.



August is National Immunization Awareness Month, and everyone is encouraged to make sure vaccines are up to date. The CDC has an assessment tool which you can find by clicking here. For adults who have chronic health conditions, getting a pneumonia shot may not prevent COVID-19, but could help you from getting really sick.



Adults should also be wary of shingles especially if you are over the age of 50.


Dr. Patel says that between mid-September and early October is the best time to get your flu shot as that will ensure that you are protected by the height of the flu season which peaks between December and February. According to the OSF, fewer than half of all Americans (47%) received a flu shot last year. 

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