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The Christian County Board met on Tuesday evening to discuss committee reports. The discussion got rather heated during a motion for a vote on accepting a final Comprehensive economic development strategy or CEDS. A CEDS is a strategy-driven plan for regional economic development. 


After Shelby County dropped out of the main plan, a question was raised about Rodney Davis or Avery Bourne calling into the finance committee to give their thoughts on it. The motion on the CEDS failed 2-3 in the finance committee. Although the motion failed in the finance committee, it was brought up to the board by Committee Chair Clark Pearce asked for a vote on the stead on an economic plan helping local municipalities to get a 50/50 grant if they wanted. After Pearce asked Taylorville Mayor Bruce Barry to speak, Council Member Matt Wells asked why the public was getting a chance to speak when it was a board issue. The public could speak but not until after all the board had finished their discussion.


Dale Livingston said that it shouldn’t even come to the board if it was voted down at the finance level. Chairwoman Becky Edwards attempted to bring in Mary Renner head of the Christian County Development Corporation.  Renner never got a chance to speak though as Dale Livingston again asked that Robert’s Rules of Order stated that it needed to go back to committee since it failed.


Vicki McMahon said it was fine that there are guests, but that board members needed to speak first. There were questions about wind that board members felt hadn’t been answered yet. Chairwoman Edwards said that she was deferring to Mayor Barry and Renner.


Edwards explained her position on the issue saying that she was approached by doing something with all 6 regional counties.


Assistant State’s Attorney Sarah Carlson said that it can’t be voted on if it was downvoted in committee. The motion to table was passed with 11-4 vote.  Finance Chair Clark Pearce had a stern message for those who voted.



The motion was sent back to the finance committee to continue the discussion.


To hear this whole section of the Christian County Board click below.



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